Seeing trees

Seeing trees

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Often times I see a picture that I want to take. When I take the picture the camera catches what it catches. Many times the two are not the same.
I have cropped this image down to what I saw. It is funny how different the two are.

Seeing trees, cropped

Playing in the mud again.

Since January I have been taking pottery classes. I really enjoy them very much, and there is something delightful about being able to play in the mud and make something out of it.

I have been making a series of bowls that I am very pleased with.  I have not been getting the results that I wanted with anything I have hand built, such as the handles for my mugs. I am thinking that I will be making a few handle free mugs. I need to make the time to get in and glaze my second set.

The pictures of the first set are on the other computer. I will have to add them later.

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The creative mind plays with the objects it loves

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.
Carl Jung

I have been struggling with the creative everyday theme of body so far this month.  I was searching for quotes as an inspiration to a new series when I came across the above quote.  The first part really defines a lot of how I approach a new creation. I like to play to experiment and it all comes together into something that is more than play, more than intellect, that speaks to me on some level and I hope that it speaks to others as well.

The second line hit me this time. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. Hmm, I do not hate my body, but nor do I love it.  I think I will have to think of this some more.

I have been exploring other types of bodies, Mermaids and Fairies rather than focusing on mine. When looking at fantasy, many times what is explored is the things we can not do. Fly, Breathe under water, do magic, technology that is beyond what we have right now.

Part of your World sping globe Another thing that fantasy lets us explore is the what if. What if we never progressed beyond steam technology, or the Victorian ideals of culture.  This is one of my current favorites, “Steampunk” It can mean so much to so many different people.

Well, I need to get back to revising web sites and reworking my artist statement, but first I want to thank those who read an comment. You really make this a fun process for me. If you have any suggestions or comments that you would like to make, please let me know.  Thanks! Rennata

Time and Space are Fragments of the infinite….


For the use of finite creatures- Henri  Fredric Amiel

I enjoy making ATC and Stephanie at Steff’s Stuff has a weekly ATC card theme. I was just saying I was looking for some routine. As I find the ATC to be a fun way to play with different color combinations and layouts, they are an excellent way to recycle my test images.

In other artistic endeavors this last week I have continued working of a couple of fairies from the book I reviewed.  I have also started a study of faces, as I was not happy when I was working on the faces of the fairies. I am finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things after all the time off after New Years and Christmas.


I knew that this ATC needed to made the moment I saw that the theme for the week was for Hats. I had been thinking of trying to put together something with the hats, the parasols and the pocket watch.  Steff’s StuffI kept thinking that it needed a teacup and flowers, but that would have made it very Allison in Wonderland. I did add the candle as the extra light really brightened up the parasols.

“Fragments of the Infinite”

Fragments of the Infinite faery008

Checking in CEDC Challenge


Currently underway are a lot of Mixed Media pieces.  Many are using materials that I had in and around my studio collaged into them.   There is a snow storm blowing in over the weekend, so I might have to add the pictures later.

I am enjoying the process of covering each layer and then letting the adhesive dry to see exactly what you have, and where to go from there.  I am finding that with each layer and sanding, I am building something that seems to be much more than the sum of the parts. Each piece seems to have a personality of its own that is developing. 

There is something very free about mixed media, it seems such an exploration, yet in all it comes back to the basic principals and elements of design.  If the design is not sound, the artwork will reflect that.   What many people call “talent” is just a matter of understanding these principals.  Just like with everything else their are those that pick it up without much effort, but that does not mean that it is out of the reach of anyone else. 

Every class I have taken has had a slightly different set  or way of describing  the principals of  design.  

A partial list follows:

Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, Strength, and Unity. proximity, alignment, repetition or consistency, contrast, visual hierarchy, symmetry / asymmetry, Dynamics, Emphasis.

I find collage to be a fun way to play while learning these principals.  Clearly if you look at the scrapbook aisles of any craft store, you will find that it clearly appeals to a large number of people. 

One of the things I am working on is a series of articles/class notes on how to discover and understand these principals without it being painful and boring.  The other series I am working on is one on social media basics, and the web for artists.  Critique, feedback and discussion are welcome.  My goal is to grow unique as an artist, and help others along that same path.

The Week in Review, checking in on the challenge.

Creation is work, and I have been working hard this week creating more of the business end of things and less of the play. I wanted a day off. Today, I baked cookies.

“By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.”

I always wondered about this, if God was all powerful, Why would he need a day of rest? I discovered that the Hebrew word is closer to ceased rather than rest.  I let all that other work cease and I baked some wheat free oatmeal Scotties.

We are putting up our Christmas tree today, and that is always a time to reflect over creations from the years. I have the small clay Christmas tree that I made in Kindergarten, the Candy Cane horse that my Godmother made me.  Most of my most cherished Christmas things were made for me.  In today’s modern times, the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the season of extravagant giving and spending, the emphasis is on doing more, buying more, being the best and brightest. (take a drive around my neighbor hood at night if you think it isn’t about being the best and the brightest) And winning.  I had someone show the the Zuzu pet they bought at way over price as a “I won Christmas”.   I hope that his daughter loves that toy, but somehow it seems to miss the point.  This day of rest, creating cookies and memories has me ready for the new week.

Other than the business stuff, I can’t really show pictures of what I am making, because that would ruin the surprise.  There has been one collage that keeps demanding that I work on it . I was clearing the counter when I found a string of paper people that had been torn out of  a cast off piece of paper.  I asked my daughter if I could have it for my collage, as it just seemed like it belonged there.  I will add a picture as soon as the glue dries.


Monday Check-in

The first week of December, and while it has been a bit of a lull in the posting, it was qood week for creating. On saturday I taught a class on Victorian hats and hair accessories.
I love making the samples for this class. In keeping with the theme of the CEDC challenge I tried to reuse as many items as possible.