Trying to find the Rhythm again

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Autumn Barn, Rennata M. Tropeano, ©2010 The kids are back in school and suddenly I have an hour of time that I did not have before.  My oldest daughter has her license and can drive the carpool giving me this gift of time. 

The other thing that has me off rhythm is that in this last month I had more vacation days than I did normal days.  It started with a week off to take the above mentioned daughter to flight camp, and then later in the month on a trip to visit family.  That vacation was extended due to hurricane Irene arriving the same time as our original flight.  Then there was labor day weekend, thus my Monday check in on works in progress is now on Tuesday and not at all what I intended. 

The plane is still underway, as is a lot of website development.  I am working on a series of fall scarves, trying a couple of new methods. The new writing project is starting slow, but coming together better than previous works.  The last on the list of underway is two new themed competition pieces.  It was my intent to have pictures of these various projects, and I may add them later.


The Plane, The Plane!

Planes over Chicopee The planes are finally starting to arrive.  Carol and I are going to be painting our planes at The Gaslight Gallery.  Our planes should be landing sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.  If you have ever wondered how those large painted items were created, drop by in the next couple of weeks and see the process in action.

For more information on the planes,