Ready, Set Goal II

Dragon Mask and Costume Tee

Originally published

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been thinking a lot about goals and how to achieve them. As I start to prepare for Nanowrimo, I am taking stock of other goals that I have for October, November and December.   The fourth Quarter of the year.

It is a very busy time of the year. A time to prepare for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Yet smack dab in the middle of all that, I choose each year to participate in a pair of creative challenges, Nanowrimo, and Art Every Day Month.  I also have managed to blog every day during those challenges, even though I do not participate in the official blog every day challenge.

So October is a month of planning, and making socks.  November is a lot of doing, with December close on its heels getting ready for Christmas.

Then comes January when most people are setting resolutions. I tend to do my basic long term business planning in January. I take out my business plan and review it and update it.  That is generally it. This year I wanted to figure out how to carry that November momentum into January without having burnout from overload.

As I was lining up my plans, it occurred to me how odd it was to be doing some of my most detailed planning in the fourth quarter.

Why am I not spending some time in January planning for January, February and March?  The Same would be true of April and July for the other quarters.  I just put an appointment in the calendar to make that quarterly review in January. I think this will help me focus on my goals and put the more detailed planning into those months.  The more detailed and focused a goal, the easier it is to reach.