And Who are You?

I  love the scene in Alice in Wonderland where the caterpillar asks Alice “Who are You?”

This can be a simple question, and it can be the most difficult thing to know.  Context is everything.  To my  children, I am Mommy, yet at the same time I am a daughter. To many I am Rennata, to others, Mrs. Tropeano.

I am Mira. Mira being short for Mirarose, the name of my character in World of Warcraft.  A whole different group of people know me a Mira Caerndow, as that is the name I use in the virtual reality world of second life.

Today’s social media adds a whole new level to the question, I am also arteveryday, kangamom and a few other names that I use in various social media.

All of these do not answer the question though, they are really just names. I can answer the question in terms of the various jobs I do. Mother, wife, Artist, Manager, Secretary.  This website is to help you understand me and who I am as an artist, and to be a central location(or the wordpress mirror) for all my activities on the web.

Welcome to my little corner of the web.