Getting back to Basics-Setting Goals

This morning my eye was drawn to an image for a post I made. The post was about focus. I gave an statement on what I wanted to focus:

I wish to make a living as a creator, writer and artist whose work is based on the principal of fostering uniqueness and creativity in a world that values conformity.

Since I made that post I have moved to a new state and started  a new job that is quite demanding.  So naturally I began looking into productivity tools to help me manage this demanding overflow of tasks.

One of the first question that comes up about focus and goals, and what the difference is. I was particularly drawn to the definition given by Peter Bregman

“A goal defines an outcome you want to achieve; an area of focus establishes activities you want to spend your time doing. A goal is a result; an area of focus is a path. A goal points to a future you intend to reach; an area of focus settles you into the present.”

Working in an Office, reaching defined goals such as getting the end of month financials wrapped up by a certain date makes a lot of sense. The next action is dependent on that goal being met.  This is not always the case. One painting can be left to sit or “incubate” as they call it in project management terms, while another is completed. The process is much more about the journey.

I thinking on this I started thinking about the various kinds of journeys.  I have hiked with very goal driven people, who want to get from here to there. I have also hiked with people who were content to sit and sketch or watch a ladybug, or to just stand and watch a fox up the path.  I have also been on hikes with some of each type in the group. The two can blend or they can conflict. What I am thinking about is how do I help myself maintain focus while also achieving goals.  What tools would you use for this?



From the Side of the Road

Today has been one of “those” days. I am trying to remember that the problems I have been given are opportunities for growth. As I sit here waiting for my husband’s physical therapy appointment to end, I have some time to gather my thoughts and prepare today’s post. Through the blessing of today’s modern technology I have in my hands several books, my blogging software and several graphics program. I can take this time to create, to read and write to you.