Rennata Tropeano


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I attended Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX with a Double Major of English and Art, with a Teaching Emphasis My Art studies were broad field art, including drawing, painting, textile arts and graphic arts. Courses taken included: Elementary School Child Growth and Development, Approaches to Teaching Reading, Multi-Cultural Education, Secondary Art Projects, Art in Public Schools, Elementary Art Projects, Music for the Classroom Teacher.


“My art centers on the exploration of various artistic mediums and methods. Beauty is all around us. To be able to see it, and capture the idea or image and share with others is a joy to me. I explore what medium best shows the idea of feeling, and enhances the image. Sometimes it is a painting, others a collage. It could be digital painting, a photograph, a sculpture. Art is an experience, and I thank you for sharing it with me.”

In addition to working with the traditional artist media of photography, pens, pencils and paints, I also explore collage and textile arts. Once I have created a piece in one of these mediums, I try to translate it into a digital media, to further explore the possibilities.

Classes and Creative Workshops
Classes range from craft activities to art courses. Creative workshops are designed to help participants find that creative gift or to develop skills in which you learn from practice and feedback. All classes and workshops are designed to be positive and encouraging, rather than critical.

Textile Design
Custom costumes for dance, school plays, church pageants, Halloween and  any other occasion for which you might need a costume. Silk painting, weaving, needlework to name a few.

Graphic Design Services
including calligraphy, stationery, signs, flyers. web design and much more.
Please contact me with any questions.