Magical and Mystical

I have been playing around with taking some of faery images I have been making adding a motivational comments. Our thoughts work a powerful magic on us. When we focus on the negative and the unpleasant, they are what take on the most importance. The opposite is true. When you focus on the positive, it becomes the most important.  This is matter of finding what you look for. It is why I have created my magical and mystical line. They are meant to be little bits of magic to make you smile in a world filled with conformity and mundane worries.




So many times we get caught in the litany of bad things in our mind. That we are somehow (enter negative thought here.)  Many sources tell you to make them into affirmations in your mind, to replace the negative thoughts. A simple google search will give you a long list of lists of positive thoughts.  But sometimes words are not enough, so plan ahead with activities to do. Making the list ahead of time helps.

For me, using the special dishes, the delicate footed bowl (well actually a martini glass, but it watermelon seemed a better choice than gin) is something that takes my mind off the negative thing and focuses  the now. For you never really have to get through what ever period of time seems overwhelming, be it the week, the day, the hour, the minute, all you have to do is hold on for a second, then another and then repeat.  The problem is getting out of the thoughts in your head and into action. Doing something about it. So when the thoughts start to creep in, Do something to celebrate yourself. It re-enforces those affirmations I mentioned above.



This quote from one of my favorite fairy tales, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis sums up my thoughts on believing and faith.  We are at a time when choice of who and what to believe in abound and I see a lot of believe what I believe or I will unfriend you.

The character who made the above statement was being presented with all kinds of arguments as to why he should not believe and that it would be desirable to just agree with what was being said.  He believed in what was right and held fast to those beliefs.  It is a simple message, about faith. There are a lot of area in our lives that need faith. A belief that is unshakeable and resists change, a path to follow.  This can go for your religious views, or just simply a goal you wish to achieve.

Me, I want to be an artist. I want to bring magic and beauty into everyday life. I want to celebrate that which is good about living.  I am on the side of beauty and everyday magic, even if they do not exist. I am going to live a life of beauty and magic, knowing that Narnia exists and not listen to those who tell me otherwise.

I am on Aslan's side, and will live like a Narnian.



Sustaining Creativity


Originally published

As you might have noticed from the less frequent posting, I have been having a little trouble sustaining my level of energy for creativity. I thought about picking up my copy of The Artist’s Way and working through it again, as it was a big catalyst for my coming back around to choosing to pursue art. I have picked up her other books and have not gotten as far with them, so I decided that maybe I needed a new source of input. A blog I was reading mentioned a blog and podcast by Michael Nobbs called Sustainably Creative . It stuck a note that really resonated with me, and in a very synchronistic way he was starting a work through of The Artist way.

“The Artist’s Way Starter Kit” (Julia Cameron)

So Monday I plan to restart The Artists Way. I think doing it with a group might make a difference. The above is an Amazon affiliates link. If you choose to click on it and buy the book, I do receive a small commission.

On other fronts, this weekend will be dedicated to finishing up a couple of floor cloths. One of them will be going to the Kiwanas TV auction. I am both excited and nervous about that.

Contests and Carborundum


A peacock Angel  Mosaic


Author Steven Saus is running a motivational poster contest.   It sprang out of his irritation with hatred of some fairly standard motivational posters/quotes.  Since I interpreted one of the ones he loathes to have a completely different meaning, I decided to play around with a motto he offered as a suggestion.   My first one is the one on the right side of the page. The pretty mountain and trees, in a very standard motivational poster style.  carborundumSince the quote is don’t let the bastards grind you down,

This mountain shot stuck me as appropriate in that instead of a sterile green meadow it should the deadfall of the previous winters. This was in an area of the mountains were there was a lot of mining, with toxic tailings.  It is the difficulty and the sheer survival of the mountains that make them the majestic view that inspires me.

The second one one is a bit more out there. I took a picture of this angel because I thought it to be one of the ugliest pieces of religious sculpture I have seen. I cut out the ugly green electric torch that he is holding.  This sculpture was saved and shipped to America from a war torn county. I can not remember which one, but I do remember thinking if this can survive a war, what can I accomplish.