Contests and Carborundum


A peacock Angel  Mosaic


Author Steven Saus is running a motivational poster contest.   It sprang out of his irritation with hatred of some fairly standard motivational posters/quotes.  Since I interpreted one of the ones he loathes to have a completely different meaning, I decided to play around with a motto he offered as a suggestion.   My first one is the one on the right side of the page. The pretty mountain and trees, in a very standard motivational poster style.  carborundumSince the quote is don’t let the bastards grind you down,

This mountain shot stuck me as appropriate in that instead of a sterile green meadow it should the deadfall of the previous winters. This was in an area of the mountains were there was a lot of mining, with toxic tailings.  It is the difficulty and the sheer survival of the mountains that make them the majestic view that inspires me.

The second one one is a bit more out there. I took a picture of this angel because I thought it to be one of the ugliest pieces of religious sculpture I have seen. I cut out the ugly green electric torch that he is holding.  This sculpture was saved and shipped to America from a war torn county. I can not remember which one, but I do remember thinking if this can survive a war, what can I accomplish.


2 thoughts on “Contests and Carborundum

  1. I love the cynicism that inspires this art. Seriously. I am finding I am having a more difficult time tolerating chippy, false posters/talk.

    A friend of mine served me up a huge disappointment last night and then said, “It is just a slightly different direction.” to which I countered, “No, it isn’t a slightly different direction. This changes everything I had planned.”

    Why negate what we know is true?

    (I am embarrassed because I used to be the worst of them!)

    Love, love, love, love, love, dear one!

    1. “Why Negate what we know is true?” What a great question.
      Clearly in your situation the difference between huge and slightly is where the disconnect comes in. I know I deal better when someone just tells it as it is.
      Acknowledge that you are causing a major change, and I can deal. I may still be disappointed, but at least I will not be disappointed and annoyed.

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