“My art centers on the exploration of various artistic mediums and methods”

Silverton 481

The Original Photo,

A sketch for a themed drawing exercise


Digital Collage



What is your intent?

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
Carl Jung

I have been sending off applications to enter shows, exhibits, art projects and the like.  Sometimes it feels a little like waiting to be picked for a team in a bad after school TV drama,  complete with dramatic inner voice and soundtrack.  Will they pick me? 

As stressful as it can be waiting, What I  find to be the hardest part is not the waiting but all the why questions. 

One of the hardest parts of any creative endeavor is trying to define it.  Why did you take the time to make this? 

To write a summary of a story that it took you a year to write and that now fills a book.  What are you trying to accomplish with this project?

What is your vision?

There are all kinds of books, blogs and articles written about how to best present yourself.  Some include lists of buzz words and key words that are “proven to work”.   They have strategies that include repackaging your self and your art for each show or publication. Others are very clear that you need to have a single artistic vision and stay true to it.   Some advise getting involved in online communities to develop connections, others suggest them as a place to get feedback to improve. 


All this just to be the one who gets picked to play?  I recently was advised that my artist’s statement lacked any urban angst or social statement.  I was also advised that my blog contained artwork that is not of show quality.


So something about my artwork caused you to come look at my blog, going back to almost the beginning to find the image specifically mentioned? And then you rejected my artwork for a lack of urban angst?

I am fine with that. My blog is “Growing Unique-An Artist’s Journey”, not  “Urban Angst- An Artists Social Statement”

Hmm, I like that as a story title however, and I have the picture to go with it. (And it is from my sketch book, and not of show quality)

All sarcasm aside, the person who took the time to write me did intend to be helpful. I do not think I could stay true to my own vision and be who they are looking for, but they did point out some things that I do need to clean up or adjust on my own presentation of who I am and what I am trying to accomplish with my art.

This sketch is part of a series of 100 themed sketches. It was inspired by  http://7dreamer7.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Knits-169970207 .

That is it for now, I have a story to write.