Sustaining Creativity


Originally published

As you might have noticed from the less frequent posting, I have been having a little trouble sustaining my level of energy for creativity. I thought about picking up my copy of The Artist’s Way and working through it again, as it was a big catalyst for my coming back around to choosing to pursue art. I have picked up her other books and have not gotten as far with them, so I decided that maybe I needed a new source of input. A blog I was reading mentioned a blog and podcast by Michael Nobbs called Sustainably Creative . It stuck a note that really resonated with me, and in a very synchronistic way he was starting a work through of The Artist way.

“The Artist’s Way Starter Kit” (Julia Cameron)

So Monday I plan to restart The Artists Way. I think doing it with a group might make a difference. The above is an Amazon affiliates link. If you choose to click on it and buy the book, I do receive a small commission.

On other fronts, this weekend will be dedicated to finishing up a couple of floor cloths. One of them will be going to the Kiwanas TV auction. I am both excited and nervous about that.


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