Currently underway are a lot of Mixed Media pieces.  Many are using materials that I had in and around my studio collaged into them.   There is a snow storm blowing in over the weekend, so I might have to add the pictures later.

I am enjoying the process of covering each layer and then letting the adhesive dry to see exactly what you have, and where to go from there.  I am finding that with each layer and sanding, I am building something that seems to be much more than the sum of the parts. Each piece seems to have a personality of its own that is developing. 

There is something very free about mixed media, it seems such an exploration, yet in all it comes back to the basic principals and elements of design.  If the design is not sound, the artwork will reflect that.   What many people call “talent” is just a matter of understanding these principals.  Just like with everything else their are those that pick it up without much effort, but that does not mean that it is out of the reach of anyone else. 

Every class I have taken has had a slightly different set  or way of describing  the principals of  design.  

A partial list follows:

Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, Strength, and Unity. proximity, alignment, repetition or consistency, contrast, visual hierarchy, symmetry / asymmetry, Dynamics, Emphasis.

I find collage to be a fun way to play while learning these principals.  Clearly if you look at the scrapbook aisles of any craft store, you will find that it clearly appeals to a large number of people. 

One of the things I am working on is a series of articles/class notes on how to discover and understand these principals without it being painful and boring.  The other series I am working on is one on social media basics, and the web for artists.  Critique, feedback and discussion are welcome.  My goal is to grow unique as an artist, and help others along that same path.