Playing with New Toys

Today I left everyone at home playing with the new Wii, and took a trip up to South Deerfield toDrinking in the Light Magic Wings, A Butterfly Conservatory.

My husband and children had gotten me a new lens for my camera for Christmas and I wanted to play with my new toy.

The tag line on their website says “Warm Your Body and Soul Year-Round.”  It was easy to forget it was the middle of winter while sitting the warm humid room full of lush plant life and butterflies.  I had a wonderful time just sitting and watching the butterflies, and all the people watching the butterflies.   It was a day that reminded me just how important it is to take time to stop and refill our energy.

I sat near the door for a while, trying to get a photo of some beautiful emerald green butterflies that seemed to like the plant that was there.  They also seemed to like my shirt,  as they kept landing on it, Brown and Red completely disrupting my plans to photograph them.  I watched as people came in looking stressed, you could see the stress just melt away and a sense of wonder and awe cross their faces.

Christmas Butterfly