The Unexpected

“The voice of our original self is often muffled, overwhelmed, even strangled, by the voices of other people’s expectations.”
― Julia Cameron

Chihuly "Float Boat" in the NYCBG
Chihuly “Float Boat” in the NYCBG

The cure for me is refilling and play.

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Getting Back on Track

Monday, a new start to a new week, and a good time to review goals and look at what you want to accomplish this week.  It is November and I am off to a slow start for the month, but it is better to start late and slow than to not start at all.  So two challenges this month, Nanowrimo and the Art Everyday Day Month.


My thought for the day was that it is Easier to get where you are going if you focus on what is in front of you, not what is behind you. I am making a plan and getting started. What are you doing today to get you where you wish to be?


High Contrast

This morning as I wandered the house considering the possibilities for this morning’s photograph, I knew that we were short on time. It was also one of those very gray days with very flat light. I decided to use the light in my kitchen, rather than the natural light. So I set a porcelain basket of flower on my kitchen island. The pale pink flowers were a stark contrast to the dark green counter tops.
I was surprised at how hard it was to get the light setting right.

When is enough enough?

The cooperative Art Gallery I am part of has been trying to figure out, exactly how and what we want to be.

Last night we decided that we are going move to hosting themed opening each month. New art, possibly music, food and drinks.  We also decided that our web page needs an overhaul. It is too busy trying to be too many things.

I tried to think about what I look for in a web page of a gallery I am visiting. So did everyone else, and we ended up trying to put too much into the web page.

I am having the same problem with my mixed media. I have overworked several pieces recently. I know they went from getting better to just getting worse as I tried to add one element too many, and then another to fix it. Needless to say things went downhill from there. I have set them aside to rest and see if they can be salvaged or it it is time to break out the primer and start over.

I have been getting caught up in the process and forgetting about basic composition and design.

I did have a fabulous find today.  I have seen a lot of older papers used as backgrounds in various collages, and have always thought that I wished I has something like that to play with.  While cleaning out the draws at the office today I came across a filing draw full of old out of date legal forms. They were printed on the most wonderful paper.  I love that I will be able to use them in a good way rather than just throwing them away.  I played with some of them tonight, but can not wait to try them again.

Basics- Rhythm and balance

DSC01563 DSC01565
DSC01567 DSC01564

These are four very similar photographs, with very slight differences between them.

Rhythm plays a key role in these photographs. The black lines of the window grid set a strong rhythm.  The way the green  leaves and dark butterfly disrupt, but follow this rhythm make them the focus.  Balance is another key player here. The balance between the light and the dark,  and the positive and the negative.

For me, I feel the lower left hand image does the best job with the balance and the rhythm. I felt the lighter color butterfly in the other images some how threw the combination out of balance.

In the lower left hand, the unbroken field of while along the bottom of the image, balances with the bright white area that balances the green leaves.

Others may disagree. My daughter for one feels the upper left image is the best. When asked why, she says because it is. Part of what makes all of art interesting is that it is up to the artist to choose which principals of design to follow.