Magical and Mystical

I have been playing around with taking some of faery images I have been making adding a motivational comments. Our thoughts work a powerful magic on us. When we focus on the negative and the unpleasant, they are what take on the most importance. The opposite is true. When you focus on the positive, it becomes the most important.  This is matter of finding what you look for. It is why I have created my magical and mystical line. They are meant to be little bits of magic to make you smile in a world filled with conformity and mundane worries.



This quote from one of my favorite fairy tales, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis sums up my thoughts on believing and faith.  We are at a time when choice of who and what to believe in abound and I see a lot of believe what I believe or I will unfriend you.

The character who made the above statement was being presented with all kinds of arguments as to why he should not believe and that it would be desirable to just agree with what was being said.  He believed in what was right and held fast to those beliefs.  It is a simple message, about faith. There are a lot of area in our lives that need faith. A belief that is unshakeable and resists change, a path to follow.  This can go for your religious views, or just simply a goal you wish to achieve.

Me, I want to be an artist. I want to bring magic and beauty into everyday life. I want to celebrate that which is good about living.  I am on the side of beauty and everyday magic, even if they do not exist. I am going to live a life of beauty and magic, knowing that Narnia exists and not listen to those who tell me otherwise.

I am on Aslan's side, and will live like a Narnian.



Where have all the posts gone?

Wishes on the Wind was originally published  at

That is pretty much where I am posting these days. I drop by here occasionally to share a post.

There is something compelling about a simple dandelion, or as I have called it here, a Dandylion. Most people will agree that they are a weed, but they are featured in many pieces of art, literature, tv shows and movies. Close your eyes and imagine blowing the seeds free to fly on the breeze, make a wish and dream.

I usually struggle with titles, but today the blog title came easy.  Wishes on the Wind.  I was looking for an image to set the scene for my next chapter and came across this lonely dandelion.  It was perfect for the scene, but I decided that instead of using the picture, I would play with it a bit to draw attention to the structure of the flower, rather than the white puffy ball.  Each wish that is set free on the wind will lead to another cluster of wishes.

Amazing, and a Labyrinth too.

Labrynth 1This month has been amazing. I feel like I have accomplished so much while at the same time, I have been inspired to work on all kinds of new and fun projects.

Someone painted some wonderful Labyrniths, and I was inspired to try and learn how to create my own.  I followed the instructions for making a labyrinth found at The Labyrinth Society.

A local Eagal scout just put one in at my Church. It was wonderful to be able to go and walk it last Sunday.  I decided I wanted to try, so lacking the time and space and materials to make a big one, I decided to create a virtual one.

While I am sad to be finishing up the AEDM challenge, I am looking forward to this coming year and the challenges it will bring.


Memories, ©2010

Lots of words yesterday. More words today, but I played around with what  I want for  a cover for the story I am writing.

I did not manage to create the cover, but I did like this image.
The needle felt is on hold while I get a little more caught up in my word count.  I am thrilled that I am stringing a series of green days together, I just need to make up for some of the yellows and oranges now.
My Nanowrimo Month

Just a little box.

Word Widget
Time to get out of the yellow

Today was a publicity sort of day. New classes posted at the co-op art gallery, so listings and announcements were needed.

Yesterday I decided I wanted a new little icon of the AEDM, so I created this one.  Feel free to use it, but be sure it links back to Leah’s page for AEDM.

Lots of words and not much else.

Life with a Sound Track


This month in the year long Create Every Day Challenge the optional theme is the senses. I have a new phone that has the option of playing Pandora.  I am amazed at how much the music affects my mood and what I am doing.

It makes me think of all the over the idea of  visualizations and intentions and so much stuff that has been over done and over dramatized.  I have seen people buy into the concept of  If I say it and see it, It will happen.


The skeptic in me says “No way is saying it and seeing it are going to make it happen”    What so often gets left out is the actions that it takes to get from one place to another. It takes a lot more than just intending to have something happen, to make it happen. It takes work, sometimes lots of work.

Going back to the soundtrack idea,  My energy level is much higher when I am listening to the Go Go’s than it is when I am listening to a Don Mc Clean’s Vincent.  Today I was reading The Spark, a book about the online site  SparkPeople,com *  it is more of a lifestyle site than it is a diet site.

In the book the author makes a point about how many times we tell ourselves, we can’t, it is hopeless etc. as opposed to telling ourselves we can.  It hit me, in a way all these visualizations, affirmations etc. are part of the sound track of our life. We can choose to encourage ourselves with positive thoughts or listen to the negative.  While there is a beauty to a sad song like Vincent, the same can not be said about the negative self doubts.

I still do not think that if I affirm it enough, it will happen, but it might be time to change the station and listen to something upbeat while I do the work to get where I want to go.




*I do get spark points if you click and join Spark People, but not a financial gain.