Moving away from Automatic.


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For those who wonder why I am spend more time on G+ than Facebook

It is because of the content. No, not a lot of my friends are on G+, but what I  am finding is a lot of people who share interests and passions.  Right now I am participating in a four-week photography mentorship.  It is free of charge and run by a group of people whose photography work I really admire.  This is my weekly post about what I am learning.

Week One- Plus Post

I am participating in the Camera Basics, Beyond Automatic Mentorship by +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers organized and run by the program directors, +Robin Griggs Wood +Ron Clifford and +Tamara Pruessner Each week I will be posting a Plus Post about what I …read more
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The Plane, The Plane!

Planes over Chicopee The planes are finally starting to arrive.  Carol and I are going to be painting our planes at The Gaslight Gallery.  Our planes should be landing sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.  If you have ever wondered how those large painted items were created, drop by in the next couple of weeks and see the process in action.

For more information on the planes,

Purple Mountains and trees


This is the latest work in progress on the painting with the working title of Purple Mountains. Previous images can be found:

I decided that the mountain were a little too bright and sharp for the distance, so I put in a hazy glaze in over the mountains and into the grass at the background. I blended it into the lower portion of the sky. In this painting, I wanted to create the appearance of a large field with the small pond. In order to help show the scale, I decided to add a grouping of trees. I was very pleased with how the trunks of the trees came out, I was looking at different ways of creating the appearance of texture. I usually try and paint more detail than would be noticeable from a distance so that I then end up smoothing it out and the trees seem flat.  Part of the process is learning to see not what you know is there, but what you actually see.


Playing in the mud again.

Since January I have been taking pottery classes. I really enjoy them very much, and there is something delightful about being able to play in the mud and make something out of it.

I have been making a series of bowls that I am very pleased with.  I have not been getting the results that I wanted with anything I have hand built, such as the handles for my mugs. I am thinking that I will be making a few handle free mugs. I need to make the time to get in and glaze my second set.

The pictures of the first set are on the other computer. I will have to add them later.

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Painting Pictures- Purple Mountains

I will be adding to this post as the painting develops.  I decided to create a series of landscapes that are not actual places, but rather just an image in my mind.

IMG_20110224_174313Day One,

I started with a light application of paint, sort of roughing in the scene.

Blue sky and green grass broken up by purple mountains. 

In looking at the snapshot of the painting, I realized that I had pretty much put the horizon in the middle of the painting.

I try to avoid doing this as a rule.


IMG_20110304_194423Day Two,

I worked on the sky and added snowcaps to the top of the mountains.  I also added a lake into the foreground on the lower right, while adding heavier clouds (this does not show up well in this photograph.) on the upper left.