Prima Patterns for #MicrobloggingMonday

This post was originally shared on instagram. There is just something about vintage patterns that I love. I remember a dress from that time that had those same on the shoulder ties that I wanted so much.  Now, I am glad that the pictures of me in the fashions of that time are few and far between.


4 thoughts on “Prima Patterns for #MicrobloggingMonday

  1. I spent much of my teenage and 20-something years sewing my clothes. I get quite nostalgic too when I see old patterns or remember the fashions. I loved this.

  2. I LOVE vintage patterns! My mum made a lot of my clothes from trendy 1980s patterns. Those dungarees there look just like the kind of thing. She made me some huge palazzo pants in a kind of curtain fabric that I thought looked gorgeous but even my best friend sniggered at them, which I remember to this day. I wish I had all my mum’s old She magazines and piles of patterns and catalogues from the 70s and 80s: what a treasure trove that would be.

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