Observation and Reflection

Originally posted :http://www.rennatatropeano.com/growingunique/2013/10/28/observation-and-reflection/


Last week I started the week Inspire Me Monday by Create with Joy. I found it to be a great way to start a week as I started by looking a wider variety of inspiration than usual which gave me more to think about. I have always loved this quote from Monet, because it implies an intention to the process. Julia Cameron calls the process filling the well in her Artist Way series. No matter what you call it, a important component of the creative process is this digging and delving into that which is new.


I need to take better notes on what inspires me over the week so that I can share them with you on Mondays. I keep a board of quotes over on Pinterest, but I often find that seeing other people art and creativity is the best inspiration.

Elsie Smith has a wonderfully inspirational photo collection on flickr, Sweet2Spicy. Her use of color and texture is incredible. I was particularly inspired by her bezels made of polymer clay. I have a particular fondness for small art, and it struck me that this would be a great way to make small frames that could be used for jewelry.

Tamara Tipton inspired me today by posting about choosing joy.

Ideas for Artist Dates- this blog is no longer active, but this is a great list of ideas.

Please check out all the other inspiring blogs over at Create with Joy for:


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