Putting pattern into perspective

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I have always loved looking at the multimedia sketch books and pieces of artwork. I have even tried a few,


These two are the ones that I have been the most pleased with, but still they were not quite what I envisioned.

This morning I was reading a post by The Backporch Artessa and something about pattern, multimedia books/art work clicked in my mind. She said “I did a quick journal recently specifically to practice drawing faces. Faces are a challenge for me, so I try to practice them. However being a true ADHD mixed media artist, I get bored JUST sketching. So enter my patterns!” It was one of those light bulb moments, My problem with the multimedia is that I get bored with just patterns and abstract shapes. I now can’t wait to enter my sketches and images into the patterns. None of this is new, I have seen people use patterns and pictures in their multimedia. It was just the way she phrased it made it suddenly make sense to me. Now the only thing I have to do is to find time to try this. I found her through the Sketchbook challenge that I have tried to participate in this year. I have been better about actually working in my sketchbook, I just have not been that great at posting what I have done or really participating in the online community.
I have come to believe that the reading of others methods, processes and thoughts is critical for healthy artistic development. The creation of art, even when you are just painting what you see in front of you is draining and the process of taking these different ideas, as looking at different forms and styles of art puts something back.

I have decided to add a Category of what I call guideposts. These are people who have been of help or inspiration, They have in one way or another provided me guidance along the way.

I recommend Backporch Artessa’s blog, It is full of great visuals, not only of her work, but of how she creates it. It was her insightful post about her process that made this all fall together for me.


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