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One of the difficulties I have with getting stuff done is jumping into new projects before I have finished the old ones.  The other day I was talking about making a public commitment   as an aid to showing up and doing the work.  I have thought in the past of making Wednesdays a day when I dedicate the post to what is on the easel, the computer, the sewing machine, on the needles, ……  The list of where I have works in progress is larger than I thought my list of open projects would be before I started to think about it.


I found myself defending all these open projects to myself.


I have so many watercolors underway because they have to dry or the paint will bleed into the wet area.  While this is true, Even the wettest paper on a humid day will dry before I cycle through all the ones I have underway.


The same for acrylic canvases and floor cloths. The same for the bird sculpture.  I decided that I need to make a list of all the open projects that I have and dedicate some time to finishing them.


I choose today’s image because it is something on which I want to start working. A triptych of three Merry go Round Horses. I planned on starting by doing some preliminary  sketches, as I am not sure of my horse drawing skills.


It occurred to me any number of my painting are stuck at the I don’t have the _____ quite right, and maybe I should have spent some time working on preliminary sketches on those as well. Three seascapes that are just waiting for me to paint in the seagulls spring to mind.


They are all very dry and there is not the slightest chance that the seagull is going to bleed into the water.  I am extremely pleased with the way they all look at this point, except of course for those white areas that need birds. So rather than jumping into the horses, I think I am going to commit to creating an open projects list, and studies of seagulls this week.





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