Hos, Yos, Half Hitches and a Wild Donkey

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A Wild Donkey? (For an explanation of the rest of title today, please see the note at the end.)


Yes, I did say a wild donkey. This morning I received an email from Leonie Dawsonthat offered a free ebook on how to finish your projects and get them out into the world. I have had a bit of problem with that as of late.
The Official Secretive title of this ebook is “The Cowgirl’s Guide To Riding Wild Donkeys”.
Reading it left me with the question: What if you want to be creative, but instead of being a goddess, you are a Christian? Her pages are fun, colorful, full of joy, energy, ideas, motivation and tips of how to release the goddess inside of you. I set aside the idea of riding the wild donkeys and did a quick search for something on what the Bible had to say about creativity. I found a link to Psalm 104, 10-14, which I have included in bright and colorful text as an image. What did I find there but a reference to God providing water to quench the thirst of the wild donkeys. A wild donkey. I did not ever recall hearing any scripture on donkeys that did not involve Mary’s Christmas trip. In her book Leonie said(about the wild donkeys, her metaphor for ideas) that “There is something I need to learn from them, There is some that needs to happen there.” I have run across many websites dedicated to finding the joyful creative inside of us, they just have not been from a Christian perspective. So I found myself faced with a wild donkey, there needed to be a site dedicated to beingCreatively Christian in the same believe in yourself, be wildly creative and enjoy life way. I do not need to find a goddess in myself, I just need to be myself, be joyous, create my art and let others see that not all Christians are ___________ (fill in your negative stereotype of choice here.)
It was the anti Christian things being posted on Facebook today that really put me over the edge. I find it easier to deal with atheists, and pagans than I do those that use the Christian religion to spread hate, Please do not Judge me because of them. I will leave it at that.

And now for the explanation: I told a friend that I would title my next blog post Hos, Yos and half hitches, and as you can see I did.

The Ho came from a discussion of odd bits that we remember. I recall as a child my father giving our phone number as H-O-4-4334. The yos and half hitches came from my attempt to learn how to read a knitting chart from lace. A yo is a yarn over and they make holes on purpose in your knitting. The half hitch came as I learned a new method of making a stitch, which while it had some other fancy name consisted of making a half hitch.


One thought on “Hos, Yos, Half Hitches and a Wild Donkey

  1. I have often found that, intended or not, scripture finds its way into our lives in many ways. Even though I didn’t grow up in a religious household, when I took a class on the beliefs of various cultures, there were definitely some stories in the Old Testament that resonated with me. Even if you think of it as just a collection of stories, it still has value and in the U.S. bits and pieces of it are all around you (most people just don’t realize it).

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