Sending it on its way

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When the creation process is finished, and you have your final product there comes a time when it needs to be sent on its way.
Seamless tile in the Art Deco styleFor some artists this is the hardest part, because as soon as you show it to someone else there is a risk. What if they do not like it? What if they think it is (fill in the blank with your fear of choice)

I had an odd dream last night where there was a piece of magic which was in the form of a really cute A-line dress. ( I did say it was an odd dream.)  The problem was you could remove the magic spell, but if someone complimented the dress it would reset the spell.

I woke up wondering why a single compliment would have such power. It struck me as really odd because I knew that a single negative comment could have that sort of power, but a compliment?

Why wouldn’t it be that powerful?  A single compliment can change my outlook on the whole day.  In my dream there was a man who kept saying it is all about the belief, you give it power.

It occurred to me that I know many creative types who will listen to any number of extremely positive things and then let one slightly negative comment will convince them that the work is horrible.  When I am being objective, I see how silly this is, but I know that I can fall prey to the same thought process.

The accompanying graphic today is a seamless tile that I designed for a fabric design contest.  I entered it last night at That contest has not started yet, and I am waiting on the results of the current contest, for a graffiti/street art fabric.  I know that this contest is a vote based contest so it has as much to do with how many people you can get to vote for you as it does about it being a good design.  I have to keep in mind the reason I created it, and remind myself, it is all about the belief and that it is the compliments that I want to give power.


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