Catching up on AEDM

IMG_20111106_144735 I am happy to report that we have power again.

It has been an interesting week. I have been amazed at what all was accomplished in the space of a week.

Yesterday I finished felting this hat. It is supposed to have a nice pillbox shape with a scalloped edge. In reality it has much more of a bubble effect.

I know that it still needs to have a stiffener added, to help it hold its shape, I use have not gotten to that step.

Peeking out from underneath is my first attempt at a hat stand. What I can say about it is that it works. I will need to play around with the design to get it to work the way I want it to work.

I had a clever plan to start with a stack of my photos and sketch, and then watercolor sketch and then possibly paint my favorites over the weekend. Spending the week without power made me decide to bunt. I do want to get back to that, but this hat was midway through the felting process when the power went. I wanted to finish it before I went off to the New England Fiber Festival .

I had a great time, and even found a pattern that I thought I might try knitting lace. I talked myself out of it, because I decided that it should be knit in oranges and fall colors. I like them, but they are not the best choices on me. But I did decide that I should look for a similar pattern, with only a lace edge to get me started.


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