Reflections- Still life of a Victorian Mirror with reflected wash table.Ever since I read through the Looking Glass as a girl mirrors have held a certain fascination for me.  This is another shot taken at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum.

When composing a picture such as this, I look for the story elements. The things in the picture that would make me look at it and wonder what about….

By using the mirror, I was able to capture a bit of the room. Whose room? Who are those people in the photos, What is their story.  I love the wash basin and pitcher, for me that is what really draws me in.  The romantic side of me says wouldn’t it be lovely to get up and use such a beautiful wash basin. The practical side of me asks who is going to clean that bowl out? Whose room is this?  The lady of the house or the maid who gets to clean the bowl. 

If you could step through that mirror into the past, would you?  Does it matter if you would be the lady or the maid?

I plan to use this as a writing prompt for today, as there are so many what ifs that it brings to mind. What stories does this picture bring to mind for you?


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