Painting Floor Cloths

I have always loved compass roses. When I decided to paint a floor cloth for my front porch, it was only natural that I choose to do this complicated project for a first time project.  I am a painter after all, how different can it be.  Compass Rose Floorcloth- WIP The answer to that is very. Since I paint with Golden Open Acrylics, which are slow drying, I decide to pick up some outdoor latex paint, which was what was recommended in an online tutorial that I read. The first picture is how it looked after I painted the first coat of all the colors. Which was great until it dried. All the brownish points, except the darkest color all dried to shades very close to the background color.  I decided to add a drop shadow to the points to make them pop.  Thus the floral floor cloth was born. I needed someplace to try these new shadow techniques. Despite the trying them out on a second floor cloth, I managed to make the first few a little heavy. WIP Painted Floor Cloth

Iris, painted floor cloth

So, I went back in with my background color to lighten them.  Remember that decision to use the outdoor latex paint?

The whole point of using that paint was so that you did not have to try and match paint color when you were doing touch ups.  I would love to say that I took the touch up picture when the paint was still wet, sadly that is what it looked like when it was dry. (And for the 3M purists, that is green scotch painters tape, not frog tape) So now I am touching up the touch ups.

I am not sure how the floral one is going to come out, I have been trying all kinds of new techniques on it, stenciling, stamping, shadows, stippling, blending,etc.  I am happy with how the blending on the flower petal came out.


I promised a follow-up on how the battle to improve SEO was going.  The grade is now up to an 85. More on that later.


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