An Alphabet of Flowers

A friend had the following on her facebook. In the rare times I participate in the status posting things, I thought I would play along with this one.
Imagine how pretty FB would look for a couple of days! This week it would be nice if everyone changes their profile picture to a flower that starts with the same letter as your first name. We will have a wall full of flowers! Welcome Spring!

I decided to find an R flower shot, in the meantime I thought I would see how much of the alphabet I can fill.  I found a pretty good start looking for an R. Now I need to find the

E, F, J, K, O, Q, X Y



Azela Black Eyed Susans cala lily
Dafodil E F
DSC08865 Hosta iris
J K Lupine2 
DSC04327 O Peony 
Q DSC02981 Snowdrop
unique U DSC01544
DSC02427 X Y
IMG_20100906_103649 Christams Butterfly one DSC03105
DSC00409 DSC00726 DSC02470

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