Playing with the elements.


 Solitude These are two more photographs that I would like to paint.  Each of them has elements about them that I would like to change. 

In the first image, “Solitude”, I would like to take the dark silhouette just to the right of the house and make it into a solitary figure. I would also clean up the beach, just a simple smooth stretch of sand. 

The change I would make to “Flight” would be to move the flight of birds up into the sky.   In both pictures, I would most likely refer to different shots I took along the same stretch for the best wave pattern.

Anytime I see a stretch like this that I want to paint, I always try and take series of wave shots to keep the wave pattern consistent with the shoreline.  I have seen a few paintings of great waves, they just were not from that stretch of beach.

In mixing and matching elements, I always check to see if the change I made causes a disconnect. The scale of the figure would have to be correct. It would be easy to make them out of proportion to the small house.

The “house” is actually a set of bathrooms, so it reads as much bigger than it actually was.  I am actually more concerned with what seems to be the simpler move of the birds.  The birds were flying low to the water, so moving them up to the lighter sky might make visual sense, but it might look odd to anyone who knows birds.  I know that I have seen lots of geese flying high in the sky,  but the distance would be greater. I will only know once I try it ,if it works.Flight


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