Painting Pictures- Purple Mountains

I will be adding to this post as the painting develops.  I decided to create a series of landscapes that are not actual places, but rather just an image in my mind.

IMG_20110224_174313Day One,

I started with a light application of paint, sort of roughing in the scene.

Blue sky and green grass broken up by purple mountains. 

In looking at the snapshot of the painting, I realized that I had pretty much put the horizon in the middle of the painting.

I try to avoid doing this as a rule.


IMG_20110304_194423Day Two,

I worked on the sky and added snowcaps to the top of the mountains.  I also added a lake into the foreground on the lower right, while adding heavier clouds (this does not show up well in this photograph.) on the upper left.  


7 thoughts on “Painting Pictures- Purple Mountains

  1. I like seeing the evolution of your paintings. I am on lesson two with my art teacher “how to paint” (my term) and she talked with me about building the layers. I hadn’t much of a concept about this since I’ve had zilch experience in my life regarding art lessons. But seeing this painting of the mountains, and the paintings above of the “sea moods” (how about that as a title?) gives a bit more clarification. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!

    1. I am glad that it helped. I was attending an art demonstration where the artist said they did posted progress shots. She talked about how it helped her see what she was doing, which helps in recreating the same effect.

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