Where have all the words gone?

It has been quite a while since I have posted other than the knitting pattern.  I do so very well at posting in November, since that is when the words just seem to fly.

Since November has ended I have been making up for putting so much creativity in to words by making all kinds of other things, but not taking pictures of them. I have started a pottery class which I love. There is something very tactile about playing with mud.  I have also been sewing and have picked up my colored pencils again.  Painting, of course, continues but seem slower in the winter months. It seems to take me longer to warm up to it, and I seem more closed in on picky details.  Now that I have said that, I shall have to experiment with some warm up exercises.


In painting I have been working on a painting that is mostly of clouds. There are some trees and such in the foreground, but the main thing I wanted to capture was the light on the clouds.  Since most everything I have made lately has gone away as gifts, or is still underway, , I thought I would share this snapshot as my image today.  I have been quite bad at photographing what I have been making as well.

This last bit is a bit of a rant. Feel free to just skip it, but I feel the need to say it so I can get back to posting.

The last thing that has been stilling the words is a hesitancy to avoid inappropriate sharing. There is a lot going on in lives around me, and for a wide variety of reasons, I have not wanted to jump into that social media spilling trend I have been seeing.  I am sure that last bit is vague, and  does not make a lot of sense.  While not wanting to go into the specifics, I have been struggling with the frustration of seeing people posting things that are professionally inappropriate, things that are not their news to share, and worst of all sharing secrets with a don’t say you heard it here.

The last seems to be a combination of their own inability to deal with the news out of joy or sorrow, and a desire to be the one who scoops everyone else.

Just to be clear here, the following are completely fabricated and to the best of my knowledge do not reflect any living people.

There is a huge difference between “I know someone who is having a baby, and I just can’t wait till they tell everyone and I am so very happy for them.” and “I know a certain account rep who is going to have to take a medical leave nine months after the big sales conference and I can’t wait to learn who is responsible.” 

One allows you to express what you can’t contain. The other has enough information that others can figure out who you are talking about and shares their news, that they have chosen not to make public.  My thanks, support and love to those who shared only the emotions not the news. To those who over shared, Stop it.


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