Building community.


Today I was reading a news letter about a community I belong to.  One of the little blurbs in it asked that if I have any suggestions for the webpage that I contact (insert name I’ve never heard here). It was an odd feeling in that I had no idea who this person was. I mean this is supposed to be a community I am a part of. I just went through and of the two dozen names there were in the newsletter three or four that I knew and only one person that I was certain I would know if I ran into them in the grocery store. Okay two if the husband was with the wife. There was a third that I most likely would know, but I can’t pull up a clear face.  Then I thought of the people with whom I am participating in this month’s challenges with.  My writing group, I would know more of them on site, although it would shock me to find them in my grocery store as they live in Texas, Canada, Georgia, Arizona and other assorted places. We meet online.

I know more about the names that I see each day when I check in on the AEDM challenge than I do most of the people in this local community. The people in the AEDM are from all over the world.  It is an interesting thing building community in this modern world of ours. 

I am not sure where I am going with this, because I don’t really have an answer, but the question I am fighting with is what makes a successful community a community.

In the two communities I mentioned above, it is the sharing of a passion that brings us all together. It is through their blogs that I have learned more about them. It is this knowledge that let me feel like I know them. I choose today’s photo as one that is a screen shot of my writer’s community going to have our pictures taken with santa. It was fun in that we spent that time chatting about our different Christmas customs.  Several of the items listed in the newsletter are clearly designed to be community building activities, but I am hesitant to go to them, as I am not sure I will know anyone, and even if I know anyone, will I end up standing alone drinking my hot Chocolate without anyone to talk to?  That happens often enough when I attend the regular meetings, because I am both new and old to the group.  New enough that I do not know the new membership, old in that I have been a member for at least 14 years. I just have not been active, partially because it is hard to get to know anyone.

Anyway, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! (Even those of you in the frozen wastes of Canada)  I am Thankful to know you all.


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