Thoughts on product images.

is_00863I have realized  one thing about myself. I do not think I would every be a very good production artist, I like making new things, but always making new things means always needing to make make new listings and take new photographs.  I have seen a lot of pictures that say, this is not the item you will receive, but one that is made exactly like it with the same materials or something similar. I can see this when it comes to something fairly standard like jewelry, I am having trouble with the idea of using it for felted pieces or sewn items.

I have been viewing a lot of Etsy shops and other places where people list hand made items.

Looking at product display is almost as interesting as looking at the work its self. What did they use as backgrounds? What a standard prop used?  What I mean by that is that is a necklace displayed on a jewelers stand,  a person’s neck or on something else. I found myself drawn to those displayed on a tree branch. a marble bust, and laid out on decorative paper.

I did not make these earrings.  I took the picture for the picture for the jeweler. What we each liked about the photo was something very different. I liked the play of the light and shadows, He liked the way it showed how the stone was set, and the detail of the casting.  His wife, who ultimately choose which photos to put in the ad  liked the one set in a gift box with the name of the jeweler showing on the lid.  Over the Christmas season they did end up using both product shots. I was glad to see that this one sold more diamonds. She noted however that the other one resulted in more people leaving with an item gift wrapped, and  most important, they may have come in because they saw diamonds, more often than not they left with something with a lower price point, but a higher profit point too.

What I wonder is do I like the necklaces that are displayed in an unusual manor because they are better artistically as a necklace, or it because I like the display?  Things to think about.


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