Bits and Pieces

Wow, this month has been an exciting and inspirational.  I have been feeling a bit scattered, and I was going to sit down this morning and get it all together. I was looking at my list of things I want to get done, which is chock full of ideas and inspirations and things that I have seen that have sparked my wanting to create. I feel as if I am so full I shall burst.  Once again I am getting around to posting fairly late in the day.

pencil ralphFor those who asked, this is the image I used to make the face in my previous montage. I created this by applying filters to a snapshot I took with my phone Halloween before last.

I then used a brush eraser in gimp (a free photo shop like graphics program) to get rid of the hard edges.  Then I blended it by working with layers and transparency.

Today I also took some pictures at my daughter’s school. They had lots of pictures of the Performing Arts, but not a lot of Academics, so I had fun taking pictures of kids doing school work. Their classes seemed so much more interesting than I remember classes being.  I’d post some, but the school is the one with permission to photograph them,  so the photos can only be used by the school.

The biology class were doing interpretive dances of mitosis. It was great to watch, and really fun to photograph, as the class was sitting against the mirror in the dance studio, so I could photograph them, and the dancers reflected in the mirror.

I also got to listen to a book report on The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Quite fun and well done.

One class had created butterflies for The Butterfly Effect project. There were a lot of incredible butterflies, and watching the kids show them off was interesting.  All and all very cool.


2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Wow. An interpretive dance of MITOSIS? How fantastic! LOVE LOVE LOVE it~

    Samuel is sitting beside me as I blog hop. He is doing his homework and he loved the portrait. Said, “Who is that?” I think he needs to focus more on his work… LOL.

    Always great to read your posts, Rennata.

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