Needle felted llamas


In order to take the covered form and make it into a finished llama you have to refine and shape it more like a real llama.

I suggest working from an picture. Needle felting can have as much variety as drawing. By calling the covered form a llama, a lot of people start to see a llama.

If I had said horse, or other four legged long necked critter, that is what they would have started seeing. I tend to start with the head and face, because that  that tends to be a well defined area on an animal, while fur, wool, feathers often obscure the shape.

I am using a three needle pen by clover. This could be done with a single needle, it would just be a little slower.


In looking at pictures, I decided that our Llama’s face need to flatten out a bit. The way to create flat planes is to use the needles perpendicular to the plane you want to create. The need is pictured in the position for the top of the head. The pink arrows show the angle for the other plains.  To create a rounded shape, you use the needle at a wide variety of angles

The next step after the face would be to tighten up the legs, esp. the lower part of the legs.  Because like their friends the cows and the shaven sheep, the llama have skinny feet. (taken from the Suburbs song, Cows) Pictures will follow.


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