Needle felting

Welcome to further adventures  in needle felting.

Playing with the range of choices. I am having a lot of fun playing, trying new things and learning as I go.  I am finding that one of the really nice things about needle felting is that is very easy to pick up and put down.  Right now I am putting a lot of effort into writing as the word count for Nanowrimo requires that. I find that during this time I tend to stay away from the creative activities require a transitional or warming up period.  Painting requires gathering materials and setting up, or the drive to the gallery where things are already set up.  Drawing for me requires a sketching or warm up period before I can really get into the drawing.  I am finding needle felting to be something that I can just pick up and know what I want to do next.   While I was at the New England Fiber Festival,  I saw a lot of needle felted items. Some I liked, and some I did not.  There is a huge variety in styles, from some that were just enough stabs to hold the items together,  much like the dress part of the red head angel in my photograph, to some items that were fine art sculptures.

It was at the fair that I saw a lot of ornament kits to make felted ornaments using the cookie cutters.  Some where thick and structural like the needle felted bear I made. Some were barely thick enough as to not be see through with ribbon or yarn bows added.  I was not so fond of that type, as I felt they ended up looking a lot like a child’s cut out of commercially made felt.

Yesterday I tried the angel shaped cookie cutter. The first attempt I thought came out too thick, and almost abstract.  When I made the second one thinner, it had the above effect, so I added on some color and started building up depth.  I am not satisfied with either one.  I am not sure where I am going to go with them, or if they are just learning exercises.

I did learn that the cookie cutters, while an excellent tool for making simple basic shapes, may not work as well for the more complex shapes. I kept thinking how much easier it would have been to build the second angel in the same way I had the doll.

Learning is good, and the making was fun, so all and all I count these as a win.

When I went to add this to the day’s list of links for AEDM,  I saw another artist making a self deprecating comment about their art.  These always make me very sad, as I hope everyone is getting more enjoyment than frustration out of their creating. Just remember there is a big difference between I am not completely happy with it, and it is bad.

Mistakes are gifts that teach us something, learn from them. Do not let them get you down.


4 thoughts on “Needle felting

  1. I like what you say about the distinction between not being happy with a creation and it being bad. Each and every thing we make helps us to learn and grow. Needle felting does look like it could be fun. I hope you keep playing with it. I’d love to see what else you come up with!

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