So Simple Needle Felting.

imageI took this picture with every intent of writing a long and detailed “How to Needle Felt a Teddy Bear”

The day happened and instead of being a simple smooth day, much craziness and drama ensued.

I will most likely come back and edit this post to include a detailed how to, and will link back to it.

But for now, the super simple directions

Materials felting fiber in two colors.      Embroidery thread      Felting needle    needles   felting block or pad.
Cookie cutter in desired shape.

1. Stuff main color of fiber in cookie cutter.

2. stab with needle.

3. Roll  contrast fiber into desired shapes.

4. stab with needle

5. Place contrast shapes into place on top of fiber in cookie cutter.

6. Stab with needle.

7. Remove cookie cutter

8. Embroidery details



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