My word count for the month is a nice early fall mix. I am very pleased that there is not any red. Yesterday there was the first snow for us for the year.  It wasn’t much, just dusting the rooftops and little shaded nooks and crannies. It quickly gave way to grey rainy skies with occasional week sunshine. It was the perfect sort of day to spend knitting and dozing off for naps.  I am working on my first pair of knit socks. I am very pleased with how they are coming out. 

I usually prefer to knit on much larger needles with nice thick chunky yarn, but a smaller project on smaller needles also provided me with that ability to see progress that I think is what I like about the big yarn/needles combination.  Also on the plus side is the fact that a pair of socks packs nicely.  Today, my goal is to hit green again, and to see if by the end of the weekend I can have a nice dark green. 

On other fronts I am very much enjoying the Create Every Day Challenge, as always it is sparking my creativity and pushing me to try new things.