IMG_20101104_191901 IMG_20101104_191916 This  is another one of my experiments and a painting I am working on.

I am trying to decide which type of background to paint to put behind my

felted doll creations, So if you take a look at the doll from yesterday, which one seems more like the world in which she would live?

Maybe it is because I am working on making sure that my characters in my story are not living in a white box that I want to also create a whole world for the needle felted characters to live in.

Opinions encouraged.




16 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Tough call. She’s a pretty little doll. I like the second painting better, but perhaps the first one would make her look like she was tiny in huge world.

  2. Love the top painting!! But possibly a bit busy as a backdrop, in which case the second painting might set the doll of better? You might want to audition both and photograph them.
    What fun!!

  3. I love the background that looks like a seascape, but I think your lovely little doll belongs in the background with the trees. But either way, your work is beautiful!

    Thank you for leaving some love on my blog today:)

  4. Oo, it’s tough! I like the idea of her floating in the top one, but I’d need to see her in them to know. And yes, it totally depends on the story you want to tell! I love that you’re creating a place for her to be in.

    1. Thank you Paula. The more I look at the first, the more I want to make more in that style.
      It may not have been the effect I was trying to recreate, but it certainly is some thing I will do again.

  5. hmmmm, wow, really, you are going to make me pick ONE!? no! both, do both! 🙂 I mean even our created characters can have multiple story experiences, right? Maybe she’s left home on an adventure and encounters both these landscapes?? Whatever you decide, just a plain old “Well Done” to you!! And thank for inspiring me for AEDM!

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