I thought you were writing?


Today I was going to get all caught up on my writing. Except today was the first day of a new fiber show, The New England Fiber Festival at the Big E. So much yarn, fiber and wool. I have been wanting to do some needle felting, so I bought some rovings in different textures and colors.

How could I just package it all up and not play with it ? I decided to keep it short, so I set a timer and created the start of this little doll.  I just had to post a picture, but instead of just taking a quick snapshot with my cell phone and calling it good, I had to build her a setting and get out the fancy camera.

I love creative play. I think that many times adults forget why it is kids play. It is relaxing, fun and makes you smile.

I can not explain how energizing it was to go look all all the beautiful yarns, sheep, Llamas and all the cool things that were made or to make things out of them.

More creating and more playing, but for now it is time to go write.


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