And now for something completely different.

imageLast nighht I decided to play with paint in a new and different way.

I was trying to recreate an effect I get when coffee gets splashed on my desk calender at work.  I have had people comment on it saying how cool it looks.  This did not come out the way I was hoping, but I will continue to play with it until I actually get the effect I want.


6 thoughts on “And now for something completely different.

  1. Even though it wasn’t what you were shooting for it still looks cool, I like the coffee drop spots (the kinda bubbly lookin things). It looks like coffee stainage at the top to me if that counts for anything.

  2. Beauty in the random: coffee splash. Sounds like conceptual art (how do you do that on purpose?)

    Makes me think of the ocean and the things that move beneath the surface. (Over from AEDM)

  3. The important thing is that you’re playing and trying new things! Even if it’s not what you were looking to accomplish (which I know can be frustrating), it’s the courage to TRY that really matters.

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