Thursdays are my day for being at the Gallery, or my evening to be more precise.  I have been busy creating a series of Halloween Costumes, and now have plunged head long into the month of Nanowrimo. Yet, I have this block of time set aside this evening to create so I find myself debating as to if I should take the laptop and write, or plan on working on the paintings I am midway through painting.  My own indecision has made me aware that I have I have lost focus on my art goals. I am a firm believer in setting goals. Some people would call it setting your intentions.

I have been on a fairly intense committee to create a strategic plan for my daughter’s school. It has been a long and thorough process. As I am writing this I am realizing that it is more than just the question of writing or painting.  Although I wrote out a business plan, and set up a series of goals for what I wanted to accomplish, I am floundering a bit because I had achieved one of the smaller goals, getting my artwork into a gallery and sold. 

I know, I am a member of a co-op gallery and sell art there. What I wanted was to know that I could do it else where, because that would be more real.  I have the check from that sale, so I know it is real .

I am going to let the question of setting new smaller goals kick around. What is the next step? What do I need to do to move my art forward.


2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Just keep plugin away, you got a lot farther at NaNoWriMo than me, I didn’t offcially sign up, but am trying it anyways, but I keep getting distracted with drawing. Congrats on getting a painting sold, that’s awesome.

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