November 2

Nanowrimo continues I am at 1315 today.  Although my widget tells me I am off to a slow start, I know that for me it is a good start. I have always been a slow starter on this.

I have 20 writing buddies, of which 7 are showing a word count so far.   Yesterday I was too tired to post any pictures from my joint project with my daughter and her friends.



This is her Halloween Costume. It is her original design based off of a character in a video game.  The game is story based, with the characters going to different worlds that have distinct styles of dress. This is her “Halloween Town” design.

It is a lot of fun to collaborate with my daughters.

And now it is time to write. A phrase that will always remind me of the wonderful Julie Jordan Scott.


6 thoughts on “November 2

  1. This costume is incredible, absolutely incredible!! And you know, the word count doesn’t take into account the big flowing mass of words that occasionally download. I know when I turn in my figures today I will be about 700 words “low” and I am not concerned. Movement of the pencil, I always say.

    So grand to find your words here, Rennatta. A sheer delight! So much love….

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