Steve Saus shared the following link, which is a multiple choice poetry generator. In his blog he asked “So what is the coolest (yet silliest) goth thing you have ever seen?” The answer to that was a facebook Goth photo voting contest.  Some of the students at my daughter’s school entered.  They did a nice group photo shoot, and created some incredible art work. I could not find a link to it.

instagoth  Poetry is something that fascinates me, but I’ve never really put the work into being able to write poetry I am happy with. So I played around with it and was able to create an instant poem that I was happy with.  This made me think, Is there a way to create insta-goth art?  So taking my cue from the goth want to be fashions, I shaded to black and purple and added spikes.

It seemed to go well with my poem, so I added the poem. Insta-Goth art. Except that I cheated a bit by using a photo of the kids who were dressing up, or are Goth to begin with.

So I applied the same style to a photo that was all sunshine and lightness, with the result being a reinforcement of the belief that you need more than black and purple and spikes to be Goth.





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