Color my World

So what is this summer sunrise doing in the middle of a series of fall pictures? It is there because Giclee of New England has been sponsoring a series of themed, vote for your favorite photo contests.


The theme was “Color my World”.  When I read the theme, I thought about what would make a good picture for this theme?  This is the photo I have set as a desktop picture.  I love it because it captured a very special moment in time with my father.  I am sure you can see where I am going with this, someone who colored my world. He taught me about art and life. Sunrises have always been a special time for me as sunlight brings color back to the world each day. Even the beach seemed to me to fit the theme as it too has colored my world. Partially  in the fact that there is a family connection to the beaches in Maine, and partially because beaches are one of the places I feel most connected to God. Their endless thundering motion and ever changing yet changeless beauty are something that touches a chord in my that helps me to understand something that is infinite and beyond my ability to comprehend. 



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