ChangingIt is a season for change, yet change is one of the the things we instinctively seem to resist as humans.

It is much easier to stay in our comfortable old patterns than to create new ones. As I said yesterday, I want to create new patterns, ones that are more productive and nurturing to my creativity.  There are two schools of thought on changes, one that it is best to big changes at once, as periods of change are difficult. The second one is that you make one small change successfully so that you will be open to more changes as the disruption was not so bad.

I have been reflecting on which one seems to work best for me as I prepare to head into a month in which I hope to set new patterns. This picture jumped out at me as being the perfect shot for just such a reflection. The design elements that make it better photo are the off center balance, and the high contrast. The reason I am drawn to fall shots such is this one, is that while they are a change they are also a comfortable pattern.