Bringing the right Things into Focus


Jennifer Harris, in her column  Daydreams, Suicide, Hate – Causal Relations? got me thinking about suicide, awareness and labels. She included the fact that wikipedia “…lists seventy-one poets who offed themselves in, I suppose, relatively famous ways otherwise why and-or how would they be listed to begin with…?”

This made me curious, so I checked, it lists ninety-one artists and one hundred and ninety six writers, which does include the updated count of seventy-two poets. Creative people are clearly at more risk for being a famous suicide. I wonder if it is due to the fame or the creativity, or a blend of both. The counts for actors (283)and musicians (128)were also higher.  Sportspeople and Businessmen ranked in at 80 and 70, which given the much larger number of people in those fields would in my mind argue for the creativity.

Creative people often look at the world in a way that is different. Being different can be a hard thing in today’s modern world.  Different is often uncomfortable, and most people want comfort.  So many times people try make themselves comfortable by labeling that which is different as bad.

When reviewing this last set of pictures, I was told this was a bad picture.  My question of course was “Why? What makes it bad?”  The answer was, “You have the weed in focus, not the ferns.”

I did not want the ferns in focus, I wanted capture the bright spray of yellow against the sea of green, knowing that all too soon that green will fade to brown. It is not a matter of good or bad, but of focus.



One thought on “Bringing the right Things into Focus

  1. A very dear friend of mine committed suicide over 23 years ago, and I still miss him, and in some ways blame myself… perhaps a survivor’s guilt there. But it did get me into looking into suicide, for the answer to that infamous “Why”.
    One that rang true was the feeling of loss of control.
    Creativity, in a sense, is a form of exerting control.
    Perhaps there is a connection….?

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