Changing Seasons



I took a bunch of autumn pictures, so the changing seasons title.  I was trying decide what to say about fall when I was diverted into thinking about the why of blogging. I realized that I have been blogging for about a year.


My sister recently asked “Why blog?”  My answer to her boiled down to because I enjoy it. The question has been kicking around in my brain for a bit. What is it about blogs has made them so popular with so many people? 

I remember that at one point, when I was choosing the name for my blog, I was going to spend some time talking about my journey back to art, and why I had left it.

I am not sure if I ever did that.  I have written about 28 categories, with the biggest ones being artwork and thoughts.  Uncategorized is the next biggest one, so I need to work on it. 

My first post on this blog was on 10-1-09, so almost a year ago. I have made 95 posts, and received 259 comments.  I think one of the biggest joys is the community aspect of it, I am able to share my thoughts and comments with others in areas that hold my interest.

As I wrote that, it occurs to me that today at our local Women’s club meeting they were explaining the divisions of the women’s club that way, the garden club, the theater club, the cooking club, the book club, that they were ways to meet other people who are interested in the same things as you, and be able to talk about them with them.

The Women’s club said they have been having trouble attracting younger members. It makes me wonder to what extent, social media has replaced social activities. 


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