Impulse and rhythm.


Riding the train

When it comes to creating, one of the things that is both the hard part and the easy part is starting. The hard part is getting myself to the location where I am to paint, write, sketch, sew or otherwise work on what I am doing.  Once I have put my fingers to the task at hand and begun to generate whatever it is that I am working on, it just starts to happen. The words flow without stop onto the page or an image begins to take shape and time flies by without me noticing. That feeling of effortlessness sheer enjoyment is why I create. I often wonder if the runners who talk about that runners high are feeling the something similar, but I have never been inspired to run enough to find out.  There is a rhythm to creating that a regular routine makes it easy to get into that effortless place.  I suspect it is very much the same for runners.    The other side of creating for me is impulse. Sometimes impulse is inspiration, sometimes it just that, an impulse.  I know many creatives who get blocked waiting for INSPIRATION, as if it was something magical without which they cannot move.  The picture for this post is one I took on impulse. There was something about the mix of luxury, practical and worn in this train car that inspired me.   The photo itself failed to capture what I saw, so it sat in the file folder for several years.   I came across it again while doing what I think of as a creative workout, the sitting down and working with out waiting for that flash of inspiration.  As I worked on the image, the inspiration came for a story that would allow me to bring out the details that drew me to the image.


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