SEO and all the fun stuff.

I have been enjoying the fun side of being an artist, the going out and creating new artwork.  However, I created more paintings than I could enter into the competition.   I find myself faced with the challenge of finding homes for the other paintings.  While they are both on display at The Gaslight Gallery, I will be adding them to my own personal online gallery, and listing them in a variety of online locations.  Nashawannuck Pond I have been posting pictures with the traditional information of: ”Rennata M. Tropeano, Nashawannuck Pond, Painting 11×14 inches ©2010”, with a picture.

The good news is that is easy to see what the painting looks like from the picture. The bad news is that search engines will not pick up the picture and show it to the person looking for it unless they search by the title, my name or the size. That is where SEO or search engine optimization comes in.  I recently read an article from Art ID that gave really good suggestions for how to write entries for art pieces. 

Based on the information in the article I came up with the following: Original acrylic painting of Nashawannuck Pond with a duck swimming on the water against a background of bright green foliage and dark green shadows. The skyline includes the Mount Tom peak of the Metacomet Ridge.  Fully painted gallery wrap, ready to hang.  This Plein Air painting was completed during the "Paint Out" competition in East Hampton MA.   I turned this into a list of tags:

I was surprised at how many things I had to go back and look up about something I just painted.

As I was making an Etsy listing, I found that I needed to track even more information about my art, namely what it was made of, so I added:

100% cotton canvas Gallery-stretched over 7/8"solid pine stretcher bars and hand-splined, primed with acid free titanium gesso painted with acrylic paint. This information was also boiled down to searchable tags as well, Cotton Canvas, pine stretcher bars etc.

Several hours later I now have an optimized listing, with complete materials list and tag list.  To make my life easier in the future, I started a spread sheet in Google docs to track all this.  I know that my next 10 11×14 painting listing will be much easier, as the materials list is now just a cut and paste away.

While none of this is as fun as the making the painting, it will be interesting to see how much effect it has in views and in sales.


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