A weekend of Plein Air Painting.

This past weekend I spent three days painting on outside in Easthampton. Despite a hurricane making its way up the coast, it was beautiful weather. I alternated between three different locations. An orchard, a farm and a quiet river bank in a local park.  It has been a while since I have done any out door painting, opting for the convenience of painting from a photograph.

I have always enjoyed exploring different media and methods for creation of art work. Trying to sort out what media captures the essence of what I am trying to express is a key part of my artistic creation.  I took snapshots of the various areas I painted with my phone, so that I would have a fairly precise location geo-tag. I was reminded how different things look in a photo than they do when you are actually looking at them. 

Park Hill Orchard Mountain View Farm Nashawannuck Pond

This sudden rediscovery of Plein Air Painting was for the 3rd Annual “Paint Out Easthampton”  The Artwork from this Competition will  remain on display at Nashawannuck Gallery, Harry King Rug and Home and The Easthampton Chamber of Commerce from September 11 through October 2 and are to be for sale.

The exhibition will open with a reception at 5 PM during Art Walk Easthampton on September 11th.


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