Sketch, study or masterpiece?


Why do I leave the rings of the sketchbook in the image, wouldn’t it look better without them?

I leave the rings because it is a sketchbook image.  There is an important difference between work done in a sketchbook as a learning exercise and work that is meant to be finished drawing from the start.

There is also a point where you have to decide if you are going to keep working on it until is  is a finished drawing, or take what you have learned from it and move on.

This sketch has some flaws that it would be more productive to start over rather than fix.

The hats for one.  I also do not like that the back figure is so muted and in the shadow, She is that way in the original image, but this is art. I can move her and make her more prominent.

And speaking of shadows. Yes, the shadows do appear to be going in two different directions,  One is a reflection, and one a shadow, yet they both look like shadows in the drawing.  That was the point at which I decided to put it aside and think about how to address that issue.  I am fairly certain that I want to make this into a painting, but  before I jump into the painting I need to do some more studies.

This image, “Introduction” is part of a series of sketches and drawings that are part of a 100 theme challenge on DeviantART.

As I am the little girl in the foreground of the original image, I am not sure who took the photo. It was most likely my Dad or Grandfather.

Rennata Monnie Gretta in ocean


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