Life with a Sound Track


This month in the year long Create Every Day Challenge the optional theme is the senses. I have a new phone that has the option of playing Pandora.  I am amazed at how much the music affects my mood and what I am doing.

It makes me think of all the over the idea of  visualizations and intentions and so much stuff that has been over done and over dramatized.  I have seen people buy into the concept of  If I say it and see it, It will happen.


The skeptic in me says “No way is saying it and seeing it are going to make it happen”    What so often gets left out is the actions that it takes to get from one place to another. It takes a lot more than just intending to have something happen, to make it happen. It takes work, sometimes lots of work.

Going back to the soundtrack idea,  My energy level is much higher when I am listening to the Go Go’s than it is when I am listening to a Don Mc Clean’s Vincent.  Today I was reading The Spark, a book about the online site  SparkPeople,com *  it is more of a lifestyle site than it is a diet site.

In the book the author makes a point about how many times we tell ourselves, we can’t, it is hopeless etc. as opposed to telling ourselves we can.  It hit me, in a way all these visualizations, affirmations etc. are part of the sound track of our life. We can choose to encourage ourselves with positive thoughts or listen to the negative.  While there is a beauty to a sad song like Vincent, the same can not be said about the negative self doubts.

I still do not think that if I affirm it enough, it will happen, but it might be time to change the station and listen to something upbeat while I do the work to get where I want to go.




*I do get spark points if you click and join Spark People, but not a financial gain.


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